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Coin Grading

Should I get my coins professionally graded?

PCGS and NGC are the leading coin grading companies in the U.S. If you are going to get your coins graded it’s best to use one of these companies. You can visit their websites and join their collector clubs and send them in yourself.

That being said, coin grading it is expensive and time consuming. It usually runs about $25 per coin with a minimum of five coins per order and then registered mail both ways adds about $50 to your costs. So you need to make sure your coins are worthy of being graded before sending them in .

To make sure your coins are valuable and gradable bring them by All American Coin. We will be happy to help you make this decision at no charge.

Generic U.S. Gold Coins For Sale | SW Florida Coin Shop All American Coin
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Generic U.S. Gold Coins

What are U.S. generic gold coins ? Generic U.S. gold coins are the most common gold coins that can be found in large quantities. U.S. double eagles and ten dollar liberty eagles are the most common coins found in this category. The gold double eagles are dated from the late 1870s to 1928 and the ten dollar eagles are dated from 1880s to 1907. When the U.S. went off the gold standard in 1933 the U.S. melted huge quantities of these coins and they are now held in Fort Knox as ingots. However the U.S. shipped large quantities of these gold coins to Europe as payments for international trade. Long held by European banks and financial institutions as a store of value these coins have been making their way back to the states since the 1950s. The premium over the melt value has decreased over the years as supply has exceeded demand and now trade at or about the melt value. A 100 year old U.S. gold coin at melt value makes for a good bargain for the collector or investor. Nothing has the feel of a real gold coin. It feels good in your hand! Old money feels good in your hand always has always will.

Come by All American Coin if you have any interest in gold coins or even if you just want to see how it feels in your hand please stop by.

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Cost of Common Goods in 1968 (when I was ten years old)

                                         1968                                            2019
Gas                                   34 cents                                      $2.35
New car                         2,855                                             34,000
First class stamp       6 cents                                          55 cents
Comic book                  12cents                                         2.50
Candy bar                     10 cents                                        99 cents
Minimum wage          1.60                                               8.46
Soda                               15 cents                                        99 cents
Gallon of milk              1.07                                              3.27
Six pack of beer          1.87                                              5.79
Ounce of silver             2.25                                             18.45
Ounce of gold               43.50                                           1545.00

On average the 1968 items cost about eight times more money than today. So you see it makes no sense at all to hang on to uninvested cash in any form. At All American Coin we can help you invest that hard earned cash into precious metals that will keep up with the pace of inflation to secure your money for retirement or for your children’s inheritance.

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Bailey, a female Jack Russell puppy found her forever home with us thirteen years as a companion for our 10 year old son Mason. Mason has now graduated from college and has moved away and has a dog of his own now in Atlanta. So Bailey stayed with us and sleeps 20 hours a day and a recent ear infection has left her deaf. She’s had a good life, and for ten years she and the neighbors dog Duke shared yards enclosed by an invisible fence. Duke passed away a few years ago and the neighbors were good enough to let Bailey still share their yard. However the other day my wife calls me at work and says she can’t find Bailey anywhere and has been looking for an hour. I encourage her to keep looking but when I return home from work five hours later still no sighting of Bailey , so I join the search along with some other neighbors. At this point it’s getting stressful as we are thinking the worst. Getting tired of beating the bushes, I put on my thinking cap and start thinking where she could possibly be? I think she must be trapped somewhere or she would have made it home by herself. Then I think she must be trapped in our neighbors garage . Our neighbors hadn’t been at home thought out this ordeal so I call them at work and get the pass code for their garage door. Hope in hand , I open the garage door thinking Bailey will be there to greet me. However no Bailey in sight. Then remembering she’s deaf I search the garage. Much to my delight, I find her sleeping in a box along the back of the garage. She’s groggy and sweaty from being in the hot garage for seven hours but she’s happy to see me as always maybe more so this time. The people of south west Florida love their dogs and I am happy to have a happy ending to my dog story for them. So stop by All American Coin some time and I’ll listen to your dog story.

Collector Coins Fort Myers, Florida | All American Coin Shop
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Collector Coins

All American Coin has a vast inventory of collector coins for the advanced collector or the new collector just getting started. We have plenty of raw coins in albums for the collector to peruse at their leisure. Certified coins are also in stock. No sales pressure to buy anything and always friendly service. We stock all denominations of U.S. and Canadian coins. We attend many coin shows though out the year to constantly replenish our inventory and of course we buy coins locally as well. Please stop by All American Coin to see if we can help add to your collection.

Gold at a 6 Year High | All American Coin Shop Fort Myers. Florida
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Gold at a six year high!

Why? Five reasons.

1. Expectations of lower interest rates pushing bond prices down to reduce the cost of holding gold.

2. Weaker U.S. dollar as the dollar hits three month lows making gold more affordable in other currencies

3. Rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran

4. U.S. and China trade war will lead to higher prices and increasing inflation.

5. Uncertainty in financial markets will lead to volatility and investors are turning to gold as a safe haven.

Analysts are calling for gold to continue upward to the 1500-1700 range. Physical gold however is still widely available and at very favorable premiums. Be sure to stop by All American Coin to add some to your portfolio.



Fort Myers Atrium Demolition Update | All American Coin Shop Fort Myers, Florida
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Atrium Update

Our old office in the Atrium at 8695 College Parkway is now getting demolished big time! Serving the Post Office and the Coin Shop for nearly forty years its days are done, its time has come. Bought out by Fine Mark bank for just under six million dollars and costing about a million to demolish. Fine Mark figured out that it would be cheaper to demolish and rebuild than to renovate.

The new three story building will be the new headquarters for the bank and will cost 25-30 million dollars and take up to two years to complete. All American Coin‘s new office is just a block west of the Atrium and yes we are still with the post office. The new shop has been well received by old customers and new customers alike. Stop by and check it out.

Fort Myers Atrium Demolition Update | All American Coin Shop Fort Myers, Florida

World Coin Bags on Sale | All American Coin Fort Myers Coin Shop
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World Coin Bags

All American Coin sells one pound bags of random world coins on sale for $9.95 regularly priced at $14.95. Dissecting a bag each bag contains approximately a hundred coins from over twenty different countries and made of various metals. A favorite of collectors with each bag you explore you get a history lesson, a geography lesson, and an economics lesson. Bought individually these coins would cost over $25.00. But come see us at All American Coin and walk away with a bargain at only $9.95.


Florida United Numismatists are holding the 13th annual summer FUN show in Orlando Fl , July 11-13 2019. Make your plans now to attend the show held at the Orange County Convention Center , 9800 International Drive in hall WE 1. This is the second largest coin show in the state of Florida with hundreds of dealers attending from all over the country. To do the show right you need to spend the day on the bourse floor to see everything. Fortunately Orlando always has hotel rooms available at reasonable rates. Parking is available right behind the show for ten dollars and a free shuttle will take you right to the main entrance. Admission is free. All American Coin has been a dealer at this show for over ten years and will be displaying some of its finer coins at this show as well. The shop will be closed from July 10- 14. So if you can please stop by and see us at the show even if its just to say Hello .