The 2020 FUN show was held in Orlando Jan. 9-12 and was a huge success with increased public attendance and over 1500 dealers attending. The average expenses for a dealer with a table is around $2000 for the five day show. Most dealers skip Sunday and use it for a travel day to cut costs. So Sunday was a washout with less than 1/3 of the dealers remaining. With expenses so high, dealers tend to bring their most valuable coins and leave the lower cost coins at home. It has been said that if you can’t find a certain rare coin at the show or the Heritage coin auction you probably won’t ever find it. The coin market for expensive coins remains weak and with generic gold coins selling just above melt some of the larger coin dealers did not have the show they hoped for. All American Coin had a successful show as we tried to provide lower cost collector coins and silver bullion that the other dealers couldn’t supply because of travel restrictions and high expenses. Other than the weak coin market the show was well run and a very secure place to do business. The only complaint heard was from the dealers describing the inadequate coffee and danish breakfast as a “bloodsport” . Surely this could be improved upon.