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Silver Coins & Bullion

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  Silver American Eagles

We carry Silver American Eagles in stock at all times. Extremely popular for their beauty and their dollar face value, they carry a larger premium than bars. We sell Silver American Eagles in any quantity: singles, rolls of 20, even the monster boxes of 500 just as they come from the U.S. mint.

  Silver Bars & Ingots

We sell silver bars and ingots in 1 oz., 10 oz. and 100 oz. bars that are all marked for the weight and purity of 999. Which means they are 999/1000 percent pure silver. All prices are based on the spot silver price at the moment you show up to make your purchase. Silver Bars are popular because you can easily calculate what your silver is worth just by multiplying the number of ounces times the spot price of silver at any time.

  40% Silver Coins

We sell clad bags of 40% Silver Coins that contain only U.S. Half Dollars minted from 1965 to 1970 with no numismatic value. Like 90% bags, they are traded in 1000 dollar face value bags. When melted, our clad bags of silver contain about 295 ounces of pure silver.

  90% Silver Coins

90% Silver Coins consist of U.S. Silver Coins Pre-1965. They can include halves, quarters and dimes which contain no numismatic value and are valued only because of the silver they contain. They are often referred to as junk bags of 90 because they are 90% pure silver and traded in bags of one thousand dollars face value of these coins. A thousand dollar bag of ninety contains about 715 ounces of pure silver if you melted it down, and weighs about 55 pounds. We sell full bags of ninety, but I am happy to sell smaller amounts without an up charge.

  Why Invest in 90% Silver?

90% silver is one of the most popular ways to invest in silver. We sell full bag of ninety, but I am happy to sell smaller amounts without an up charge. Why invest in ninety? Ninety is easily recognized by everyone and everyone can afford some and should buy some as a savings account that will pay off in the future not like the measly interest the banks pay these days. Also, it can easily be bartered with the butcher, baker and candlestick maker if the dollar were to falter. Every family should own some ninety as insurance and a way to protect themselves against some sort of financial collapse. Even if all this reasoning is wrong you could still make money as the value of silver just goes up over time due to inflation.

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