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The 2020 FUN show was held in Orlando Jan. 9-12 and was a huge success with increased public attendance and over 1500 dealers attending. The average expenses for a dealer with a table is around $2000 for the five day show. Most dealers skip Sunday and use it for a travel day to cut costs. So Sunday was a washout with less than 1/3 of the dealers remaining. With expenses so high, dealers tend to bring their most valuable coins and leave the lower cost coins at home. It has been said that if you can’t find a certain rare coin at the show or the Heritage coin auction you probably won’t ever find it. The coin market for expensive coins remains weak and with generic gold coins selling just above melt some of the larger coin dealers did not have the show they hoped for. All American Coin had a successful show as we tried to provide lower cost collector coins and silver bullion that the other dealers couldn’t supply because of travel restrictions and high expenses. Other than the weak coin market the show was well run and a very secure place to do business. The only complaint heard was from the dealers describing the inadequate coffee and danish breakfast as a “bloodsport” . Surely this could be improved upon.

Fort Myers Coin Show Review

Fort Myers coin show held Saturday Jan 18 was a huge success thanks mostly to the hard work of coin club president Jay Chamberlain and the Fort Myers coin club volunteers. It is a lot more work than you think and most take it for granted. There is set up Friday night at 9:30 and tear down after the show just to go with all the other duties of putting on a show all at no cost to the customers. Unlike a gun show where customers are charged admission and parking fees to attend an over crowded show. It was well attended by collectors , investors and dealers. Several out of town dealers showed up and were successful in finding new coins to purchase . One local customer was able to sell his newly purchased 2019 reverse proof silver eagle for a thousand dollar profit and left the show a happy man. All American Coin had a successful show as many collectors were happy with the large inventory we displayed. All dealers enjoyed a free lunch provided by a local dealer and most all vowed to return for the next show. The coin market itself still seems weak but most collectors were thrilled with the opportunity to add to their collections at bargain prices for collectables and low cost bullion coins. The next and last Fort Myers coin show of the season is Saturday March 14, make your plans to attend and I hope to see you there.

2020 Silver Eagles

The new 2020 silver eagles will be available at the Fort Myers coin show on January 18. All American Coin will have an ample supply available for purchase at the show. This will be the first coin show that they will be available as even at the FUN show in Orlando I don’t think they will be offered to purchase. So make you plans to attend and I hope to see you there.

FUN Show 2020

The 65th annual Florida United Numismatist coin show starts Thursday January 9 at 10:00 am runs till Sunday January 12 at 3:00 pm. The January coin show is the largest coin show of the year with over 1500 dealers and more than 10,000 collectors attending the four day show. Admission to the show is free however there is a ten dollar parking fee which includes a free shuttle around to the front of the building. Take the shuttle you don’t want to walk that far , and it runs every 20 minutes or so. Once inside you will need to register at the public booths to get your “HELLO ” badge to gain entry to the show. All American Coin has attended this show for over 25 years and will be at this one as well at table 708. Be sure to stop by and say hello! One word of advice is not to attend on Sunday as more than half the dealers will have already left as they use that day as a travel day to return home and the choice coins will have been picked over by then, Hope to see you there!

Fort Myers Coin Show 2019

Don’t miss your chance to attend the Fort Myers coin show on Saturday Nov 23. It’s all good for you , free parking and no admission charge ! All American Coin will be showing it’s large selection of collector coins as well as a good selection of all other coins. The show opens to the public at 10:00 am and closes around 3:00 pm. The first of three shows for the season is always the best one and well attended. You can buy sell or trade with any of 30 dealers doing the show. One good thing to know is that most dealers at the show don’t take credit cards so bring cash , no worries though as an armed guard is always present at the show for security. Hope to see you there.

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Grandma’s Coin Purse

Old people have old coins , it’s why I moved to Fort Myers in the first place. I was just 22 when I moved to Fort Myers and it has worked out well for me as there are plenty of old people and old coins to trade in. I’m sure it must seem odd to the young generation ( the millennials ) that Grandma would carry a coin purse around , but in the old days you could actually buy something with coins in your daily transactions. Not so much anymore. All the millennials carry and use credit cards. But All American Coin can help you with that if you have old coins and don’t want to lug them about we buy coins at our bricks and mortar shop at 8841 College pkwy , Fort Myers FL. Fill free to stop by we are open 9-3 Monday thru Friday.

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Coin Grading

Should I get my coins professionally graded?

PCGS and NGC are the leading coin grading companies in the U.S. If you are going to get your coins graded it’s best to use one of these companies. You can visit their websites and join their collector clubs and send them in yourself.

That being said, coin grading it is expensive and time consuming. It usually runs about $25 per coin with a minimum of five coins per order and then registered mail both ways adds about $50 to your costs. So you need to make sure your coins are worthy of being graded before sending them in .

To make sure your coins are valuable and gradable bring them by All American Coin. We will be happy to help you make this decision at no charge.

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Generic U.S. Gold Coins

What are U.S. generic gold coins ? Generic U.S. gold coins are the most common gold coins that can be found in large quantities. U.S. double eagles and ten dollar liberty eagles are the most common coins found in this category. The gold double eagles are dated from the late 1870s to 1928 and the ten dollar eagles are dated from 1880s to 1907. When the U.S. went off the gold standard in 1933 the U.S. melted huge quantities of these coins and they are now held in Fort Knox as ingots. However the U.S. shipped large quantities of these gold coins to Europe as payments for international trade. Long held by European banks and financial institutions as a store of value these coins have been making their way back to the states since the 1950s. The premium over the melt value has decreased over the years as supply has exceeded demand and now trade at or about the melt value. A 100 year old U.S. gold coin at melt value makes for a good bargain for the collector or investor. Nothing has the feel of a real gold coin. It feels good in your hand! Old money feels good in your hand always has always will.

Come by All American Coin if you have any interest in gold coins or even if you just want to see how it feels in your hand please stop by.

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Cost of Common Goods in 1968 (when I was ten years old)

                                         1968                                            2019
Gas                                   34 cents                                      $2.35
New car                         2,855                                             34,000
First class stamp       6 cents                                          55 cents
Comic book                  12cents                                         2.50
Candy bar                     10 cents                                        99 cents
Minimum wage          1.60                                               8.46
Soda                               15 cents                                        99 cents
Gallon of milk              1.07                                              3.27
Six pack of beer          1.87                                              5.79
Ounce of silver             2.25                                             18.45
Ounce of gold               43.50                                           1545.00

On average the 1968 items cost about eight times more money than today. So you see it makes no sense at all to hang on to uninvested cash in any form. At All American Coin we can help you invest that hard earned cash into precious metals that will keep up with the pace of inflation to secure your money for retirement or for your children’s inheritance.

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Bailey, a female Jack Russell puppy found her forever home with us thirteen years as a companion for our 10 year old son Mason. Mason has now graduated from college and has moved away and has a dog of his own now in Atlanta. So Bailey stayed with us and sleeps 20 hours a day and a recent ear infection has left her deaf. She’s had a good life, and for ten years she and the neighbors dog Duke shared yards enclosed by an invisible fence. Duke passed away a few years ago and the neighbors were good enough to let Bailey still share their yard. However the other day my wife calls me at work and says she can’t find Bailey anywhere and has been looking for an hour. I encourage her to keep looking but when I return home from work five hours later still no sighting of Bailey , so I join the search along with some other neighbors. At this point it’s getting stressful as we are thinking the worst. Getting tired of beating the bushes, I put on my thinking cap and start thinking where she could possibly be? I think she must be trapped somewhere or she would have made it home by herself. Then I think she must be trapped in our neighbors garage . Our neighbors hadn’t been at home thought out this ordeal so I call them at work and get the pass code for their garage door. Hope in hand , I open the garage door thinking Bailey will be there to greet me. However no Bailey in sight. Then remembering she’s deaf I search the garage. Much to my delight, I find her sleeping in a box along the back of the garage. She’s groggy and sweaty from being in the hot garage for seven hours but she’s happy to see me as always maybe more so this time. The people of south west Florida love their dogs and I am happy to have a happy ending to my dog story for them. So stop by All American Coin some time and I’ll listen to your dog story.