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Generic U.S. Gold Coins

What are U.S. generic gold coins ? Generic U.S. gold coins are the most common gold coins that can be found in large quantities. U.S. double eagles and ten dollar liberty eagles are the most common coins found in this category. The gold double eagles are dated from the late 1870s to 1928 and the ten dollar eagles are dated from 1880s to 1907. When the U.S. went off the gold standard in 1933 the U.S. melted huge quantities of these coins and they are now held in Fort Knox as ingots. However the U.S. shipped large quantities of these gold coins to Europe as payments for international trade. Long held by European banks and financial institutions as a store of value these coins have been making their way back to the states since the 1950s. The premium over the melt value has decreased over the years as supply has exceeded demand and now trade at or about the melt value. A 100 year old U.S. gold coin at melt value makes for a good bargain for the collector or investor. Nothing has the feel of a real gold coin. It feels good in your hand! Old money feels good in your hand always has always will.

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