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Silver Eagles are a Great Start To Any Coin Collection

A good way to start any Coin Collection is by collecting Silver Eagles. Silver Eagles are a one ounce pure silver dollar coin issued every year by the the U.S. government since 1986. They are extremely popular with collectors and investors because of the size and beautiful walking Lady Liberty design. They also make great gifts.

You should start your child collecting with silver eagles with the purchase of the current year silver eagle which is available at a few dollars over the spot price of silver. Older eagles are available but cost a few dollars more. Give your child one for Christmas and one for any special occasion and as they grow up and silver increases in value they will have a valuable collection.

A good way to store these coins is in Dansco albums which we sell at All American Coin, as well as other coin collecting supplies to help the collector. We also have a large selection of Silver Coins


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