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Vintage Coin Boards

There are many ways to collect coins. You can collect by denomination, by type, by date, by value or lack of value or any number of other ways. Remember Danny Devito in the movie Throw Momma From The Train ? He loved the coins he collected for the memories of the times and places he shared with his Dad when his Dad let him keep the change.

One way to collect is by using vintage coin collector boards. Coin boards were used in the thirties and forties long before the coin folders and albums we use today. They fit perfectly into a standard 12 by 15 picture frame to hang on the wall. Finding that certain coin and fitting it into your collection can be very satisfying to collectors. One of the major grievances of collectors is that their collections are locked away and they rarely get to see them. Using a vintage coin board you can collect just low value coins and hang it on the wall to enjoy everyday.

Vintage Collector Boards are available at All American Coin Shop in Fort Myers, Florida, as we do have a source for them and they sell by condition and rarity just like coins. The boards generally cost anywhere from $25 on up. If you are interested in seeing or buying some collector boards stop by All American Coin.